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Your special moment has arrived. Your eye wanders around the beautifully decorated venue, and you immediately spot the eye-catcher in the room: your cake. You can’t wait to taste it, but wouldn’t it be a shame to cut it? This cake is a decoration on its own! After cutting the first piece, the different layers show traditional jam, chocolate, and authentic cake. You take your first bite and can’t deny it; this cake tastes exactly as it looks: heavenly. 

A taste of the world class cake I'd love to make for you

Imagine. . .

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- Remya

Every journey has its own story, just like every wedding cake. My story started humbly, with baking designer cupcakes. But I soon discovered that my passion for composition, color, and detail led me to a new destination: the world of wedding cakes.

Now, I don't just make ordinary wedding cakes, I create real works of art. Haute couture cakes that make a statement, finding the perfect balance between taste and beauty. Each cake is a unique piece of art, a milestone on my journey, reflecting the beauty of your special day.

Let's embark on this journey together and make your special day unforgettable. Full of ambition and with a warm heart, we'll create a unique memory. A wedding cake you'll never forget, and one that will always bring back fond memories of that wonderful day.

Let 's walk together. . .

I don't just make ordinary wedding cakes, I create genuine pieces of art. My style flirts with the boundary between minimalist and extravagant. From sensational decorations with exclusive flowers to exploring modern decoration techniques such as edible lace, rice paper, and wafer paper, every cake I craft is a playful dance of emotion and aesthetics. But I don't stop at traditional designs; I transform wedding cakes into sculptures, genuine pieces of art that give your special day an unforgettable allure.

Despite the spectacular visual appearance of my cakes, the taste is not left behind. Each cake I bake is real cake on the inside and tastes as delightful as it looks. I use the finest ingredients, opting for organic products whenever possible.

In this way, I create a cake with a harmonious interplay of shapes, textures, and flavours, a cake that is not only unique but unforgettable as well.

Not just any cake

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Z & F

"remya made our custom wedding cake and it was phenomenal! the entire process from concept to realisation went so smoothly. remya took her time to really get to know us, she listened to our personal stories and our wishes to get a feel for what we would want our cake to be. she put effort into thinking with us about flavour profiles and how to incorporate the personal in both flavour and design. the end result was jaw dropping and beyond our expectation. we couldn't be more grateful!"

M & Y

"remya's cake studio crafted a stunning wedding cake for us that was both visually impressive and incredibly tasty. what truly stood out was remya's collaboration and her ability to understand our wishes. she worked closely with us, making our wedding day even more special. highly recommend remya's cake studio for their artistry and dedication. thank you, remya!"

E & J

"we’re glad that we’ve chosen remya’s cake studio for our wedding! 
we found remya’s information on the perfect wedding website and upon the first meeting we already knew that this is the wedding cake designer we’re gonna go for.
we’ve planned a tasting really fast with remya and after the tasting we immediately knew that we didn’t have to look further. remya is always prompt with the messages, the cake tasting went smoothly with lots of great choices. remya is full of creativity and we’ve tasted the best cake ever! besides the amazing cake, the personal touch is one of the reasons that we chose remya to make our wedding cake. we felt welcomed, and remya makes good suggestion of cake flavors and portion, she’s up-to-date with the most fashionable design of wedding cakes.
we’ve got so many compliments about the wedding cake from our guests and we can’t wait to order it again for our anniversary!"

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