What started as a hobby soon became a love for exclusive designer Wedding Cakes. I started small, with cupcakes and mini cakes, but my passion demanded more challenging designs. I follow the latest worldwide trends and experiment with high-quality bioproducts. I’m a real people person with a warm personality. My company is grounded in one rule: I’m only happy when you are.

I design cakes

Hi, I'm Remya!

Once I settled in the Netherlands, I started developing my hobby as a home baker with lovely designs for cupcakes and mini tarts. I couldn’t express myself creatively quite yet however, so I started working on my skills to proceed more professionally. Nowadays, I make exclusive wedding cakes and celebration cakes in my Cake Studio, applying the best techniques from all over the world!

I was born in India into a Hindu family and raised in a Christian school. I’ve traveled and worked in many countries, which allowed me to experience and get to know many cultures.

Eventually, I ended up in the Netherlands. I got married and adjusted to life here. That’s my past in a nutshell. My Dutch isn’t perfect, but I’m managing just fine (it's my fourth language!), and if I’m stuck, my husband is here to help me out.

how it all started

my roots

This is my family. Sarah, Noah, and my husband, Benny. The most lovely people in my life.

Benny is my Partner-In-Cake; he helps and manages all IT-related affairs. He motivates me and keeps me grounded. Whenever I feel like I have no vision, he’s the glasses that make me see again. Together, we can do anything

Take your time . . .

People person, family person

Australia inspires me, and I try to implement its progressive cake design in The Netherlands. This is extra special in the country's northern regions because people are still unfamiliar with it. I’m committed to showing all the possibilities in cake design. For example, I put the Netherlands on the map with its first sculpture cake!

You can see examples of my work on my Instagram, which is yet another tool I use to keep an eye on trends and techniques, so you can have a hyper-modern cake for your occasion!

I have always been internationally oriented. Growing up in India, but having been blessed with the opportunity to travel for my IT job, I could dive into the ‘cake scene’ in any place I stayed.

Although I’ve settled in The Netherlands, I’m following the latest worldwide cake trends, especially those of the United Kingdom and Australia. I also regularly participate in courses to keep learning and have fun and offer you world-class cakes.

A worldview on cake

My cake studio is a safe place; anyone is welcome!

mission statement

I make world-class cakes
for your special moments,
so that you will never
forget them.

Taste is very important to me. I experiment using my intuition and senses to bring textures and flavour together. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And, of course: my tasting panel has to approve for me to reach my ultimate goal: spoil & surprise.

I work with sustainable biological products as much as possible. Only that which is good enough for my family, is good enough for my customers.

Your cake should fulfill all your wishes and mine. And I have high standards. I love cake and believe it should be, in fact, real cake.

And I make everything from scratch. All the salted caramel, macarons, buttercream, jam, dough, and cookies you taste I make in my Cake Studio. I also temper my chocolate so it’s crispy and won’t melt too fast in your hands.

Surprise with real home-made cake

My cake philosophy


When I make a cake, it must not only meet your wishes, but also live up to my own high standards. I set the bar high.